Should passengers with pacemakers make any special arrangements to pass through security check-in?

There are no health risks to passengers while passing through the security scanner. However, alerting the security staff is essential as the security process includes walking through metal detectors.

What should I do if I lose anything at the airport?

For items lost on board, the airlines with which you flew should be contacted. For any property lost in Manchester Airport, you can contact Excess Baggage, the airport’s service provider, between 8 AM to 8 PM. You can utilise our number to call the same and we’ll direct your call to the relevant information source at Manchester airport.

Are there any facilities for shopping at the airport?

Yes, Manchester Airport has a wide array of eating, drinking and shopping facilities. Grab a sandwich or a cup of hot coffee, buy your essential goodies, savour a hearty meal or shop at the branded outlets in the airport.

Can I carry food through security and on-board?

You may carry foodstuff through security as long as you comply to the security instructions, especially if you want to carry any liquids.

Can you tell me something about Express Check-In?

Express Check-In is a hassle free way of avoiding the long check-in queues at the airport. The service can be accessed at the three terminals of Manchester Airport. The service enables you to beat the long queues while printing your own boarding pass, hence offering a quick and easy check in at the airport.

Does the airport have any restrictions regarding parking?

There is height restriction of 2 metres at the car parks at Manchester Airport. However, this excludes the Jet Parks Plus and Long Stay car parks that are with a height restriction of 2.2 metres. Also, you cannot park any trailer in Manchester Airport parking places.