Manchester Airport Phone Number

0843 116 0044

Manchester Airport

Customer Contact Centre, 2 Floor, Olympic House, Manchester Airport M90 1QX delivers directory services to connect you to the airport’s customer help desk so that you can satiate all your  queries about airport security, baggage rules, flight schedules, car parking, airport lounges, shops and restaurants, public transportation, assistance for disability and anything else related to Manchester Airport.

The international airport handles approximately 19 million passengers annually and is connected to about 200 destinations worldwide with over 60 airlines. The airport has provided employment to almost 19,000 people and has vastly contributed towards the region’s economic growth. When it comes to passenger traffic, it is one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom.

The airport is committed to provide unparalleled service for its passengers. Operating on a set of values, passenger and employee safety is given high priority at the airport. The airport staff believes that considering the customer’s perspective is essential for achieving higher standards and economic growth.

Northern England is connected by Manchester airport to the rest of the world. It is also the biggest airport outside London. Over 120 shops and restaurants plus seven hotels are located in the airport, providing indirect employment to about 42,500 people in North Western part of England. To know about the various career opportunities with Manchester Airport, you can use our phone number and we’ll redirect you to the right information desk at the other end.

The airport is also concerned about environment and has manoeuvred  three plans ‒ a Community Plan, a Land use Plan and a Plan for ground transport to aid environment development. It has also contributed to various other community development programmes.

For further details about Manchester Airport or its facilities, you can use our number and we’ll instantly redirect you to the respective information source at the airport.